Individually Hand Pruned to Decorate

On your way to our farm, you pass a lot of other Christmas tree farms. Just a few days ago as I pulled into our farm, I noticed how the dew on the trees glittered in the morning sunlight. The sunlight accented the natural growth and reminded me of how different our trees look from all the neighbors.

Sam Cartner’s vision, since 1959, has always been to “grow a tree to decorate.” You’ll recognize the Cartner Blue Ridge Fraser fir by the long natural branches that give our trees a lacy and elegant look. We do not put our trees through a “pencil sharpener.”

Before we prune our trees, we selectively choose the best trees out of the field and then prune them accordingly. The above picture demonstrates our pruning process for those selected for harvest.

First, we tip the outer most branches that are too long or out of place leaving the natural appearance.

Second, because each tree in unique, we cut the leader to the best height that suits the tree.

As a result, the tree is natural and open. You are able to decorate the inside and outside of the tree because of the added demension and depth.

We are certain our Fraser Firs will exceed your expectations, proving to be a great success for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.